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Wellness Experts

Our team includes experienced health & wellness professionals that work together to provide an integrated service for each client.

How We Can Help

We offer a holistic approach to healthcare & wellness support, through our team and our wide network of professionals to who we refer clients for specialized services.

Consultation with our team allows clients to learn more about their state of mental & physical health; obtain essential advice on what actions to take towards improved wellness, and support to find and seek relevant services from other providers that may be required. 

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Achieving alignment and balance
between Body, Mind and Spirit
is the basis for holistic wellness

We strive to bring together a wide range of services the form part of our integral medicine and wellness offerings. The one-stop-shop and integrated approach to healthcare makes Cleopatraz unique, innovative and highly sought-after. 

Spaces created for healing

Unwind and drift away in an oasis of peace and personal wellness. All of our spaces are designed to maximize serenity and well-being.


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A highly innovative tool that provides individuals access to free mental health assessments that identifies those at high risk of having a mental illness. The real-time access to assessment results makes this app uniquely positioned in improving access to essential services.