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Cleopatraz Medical Spa

Providing a wide range of therapies aimed at complementing your efforts towards holistic wellness.

At Cleopatraz Medical Spa, we believe that achieving holistic wellness is a journey and a lifestyle choice that everyone must make. Our therapists are supported to discover and learn new techniques from around the world that have been proven to effectively address different issues, providing an ever-growing range of services to clients.



Our wide range of Therapeutic Massages focuses on manipulating the soft tissues of your body including muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments & skin. Our massage therapists use varying degrees of pressure and movement based on the clients needs.


Our hydrotherapy includes a floatation salt pool which provides many special benefits & support for various physical and mental health conditions. Heat therapy from the steam room is highly beneficial for a number of medical conditions as well as stimulating overall wellbeing by soothing & quietening the body while slowing down the activity of internal organs.  


We provide a wide range of grooming treatments as complementary services in our center. Our intention is to offer a wholistic service to our clients that provides the convenience of a one-stop-shop experience. 


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Signature Services Waiting For You

Deciding to begin your holistic journey to life achieve lifelong wellness is just the first step.

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